Paris Dumps Roma On Belgian Border Town – Why Not Use Devil’s Island?



Good luck to the poor citizens of Mouscron, a small town on the Belgian border with France, who find themselves face-to-face with possibly the most undesirable aliens in Europe – and they can’t even blame their own government.

Their misfortune is to be located cheek-by-jowel with a similarly obscure municipality, Wattrelos, immediately across the frontier.

And what’s wrong with Wattrelos?

Nothing – until now!

For reasons that remain baffling, France has decided to install ‘an open-space zone along the border for Roma and others to settle…’  .

Ignorance is not a defence in law, but even were it so, nobody in the French Government can claim to be ignorant of the pernicious effects Roma migration has on any community on which it descends.




British people know the score, and so do Germans. Utopia? Even German Left Wakes Up to Roma Parasite Menace! 

And even far away in Canada, the parasite problem is public knowledge.

And in France itself?

 You only have to look at what French Ministers have said about the social blight these Roma represent – only the Brussels elite want to impose them on Europe. Brussels, to the French, in France – “It’s No Matter if You’re Roma or French!” 

It was France’s interior minister, Manuel Valls, who said that his country does not exist “to welcome these populations.” He said the Roma should return to their home countries to assimilate there instead.
 Manuel Valls Minister Valls
Nor was that the first time Valls spke up for common sense on these crimmigrants.

…he wants to send tens of thousands more home, since the Roma ‘do not want to integrate.’

Quite right!

Deportation is the proper course of action!




So why the heck waste a perfectly good area, which could be used as indoor or outdoor sports pitches and play-areas, probably at much less cost, for local youngsters> Why turn it into a casbah for intruders who should never have been allowed into France at all?

And why subject the hapless Belgians next door to the anti-social menace that Roma constitute?

Mouscron wants to have a 2.4 metre wall erected. They’ll need more than that to safeguard their persons and property from marauders.



I’m not sure if Devil’s Island is still available to France, but they must have some other desert isles out there that could be put to good use! 

PS -seems the famous prison has been turned into a tourist attraction, which is more than the Mouscron folk can hope for – people will avoid their town like the plague!