‘Home-Sick’ Jihadists? Bring ‘Em “Home” and Hang ‘Em!

Tony Abbott was reported this week to be having no truck with the absurdity of repatriating so-called ‘home-sick’ scum who joined the terrorist rape-gang ISIS – and a good thing too.




“If you go abroad to break Australian law, if you go abroad to kill innocent people in the name of misguided fundamentalism and extremism, if you go abroad to become an Islamist killer, well, we are hardly going to welcome you back into this country,” Abbott told reporters.
“If you go abroad to join a terrorist group and you seek to come back to Australia, you will be arrested, you will be prosecuted and jailed.”
Well said, PM!
But Western countries should take the issue to its logical conclusion
These vicious rape-gang volunteers are not simply waltzing off to enjoy some sex-predator violence in a territory which has nothing to do with Australia.
Their evil endeavours are specifically targetting Australia and her allies.
That’s treason!

There is NO excuse for what these swine have done. Everyone with the ability to read a paper, or watch tv, knows full-well that ISIS are satanic. Any ‘repentance’ should be left to whatever they have to say to The Almighty, once they’ve been wisely put to death.

Unfortunately, Oz has yet to restore the death penalty, but in the meantime, there is a penalty for treason on the statute book and that’s their proper punishment.

Besides, it’s very clear that there’s no real remorse for all their wickedness – take a look at this ‘Ibrahim,’who is believed to have fled to Turkey. The jihadist beast only wants out, allegedly, because he missed his wife and two young children who are still in Australia.


Big deal.

‘Australians’ who enlist with ISIS only do so because they can sexually abuse helpless girls enslaved by the Islamist murder gang. It’s not unreasonable to argue that his own kids are at risk from anyone so depraved.

Moreover, what ‘repentance’ may exist in his rancid soul is clearly limited by the hate-creed he adores. A word of dissent about the heinous slaughter of the Western hostages, yes...”Some of those things I don’t agree with…” 



……..but on the rapine, on the shariah sectarian butchery? 

…..he said he supported the barbaric killings that took place in the name of Sharia law, and claimed to have witnessed a number of executions, including a crucifixion and the stoning of a couple accused of adultery.

He SUPPORTS that? 

Filth like ‘Ibrahim’ should be extirpated – the sooner everyone who holds such views is dead, the better.

Labor Leader Bill Shorten just doesn’t get it when he babbles about jihadists. ‘Labor has a fundamental belief in the concept of rehabilitation.’ Pick-pockets, burglars, embezzlers, okay, maybe even bikie dope-heads, give it a go.


devil destroyed


But those who knowingly enrol in the sex-predator legions of Lucifer?

Hell, NO!