EuroNews’ Nadir of Pinko Bias – ‘Lawyers On Board EU Task Force!’

Just watched EuroNews, an ‘interview’ which managed to distance that bizarre outfit even further than before fom any pretence of impartiality.

The subject was, almost predictably, the crimmigrant invasion, and the interviewee was some Belgian geezer, described as ‘editor-in-chief of Bruxelles2,’ allegedly an important magazine in that troubled country.

Okay, the guy is a leftist, and that’s his right.

He may well be correct, too, in his assertion that the European armada being planned to thwart the parasite hordes pouring across the Mediterranean ‘will have lawyers on board!’


In a sane world, yes, but this is the EUSSR we’re talking about, Admiral Juncker at the helm, and Arafat’s admirer Mogherini as grand strategist.




Now you’d think a serious journo interviewing him would have picked up on the absurdity of war-ships going into action hampered by pin-striped nit-picking twits! Imagine, quibbling lawyer creeps telling naval officers faced with imminent engagement what they dare or dare not do to safeguard their countries from alien incursions!

But the interviewer actually fed him the line!

Audrey Tilve made no attempt to disguise her blatant bias against any effort by European peoples to defend themselves.

She followed up her ‘lawyer’ line with a question asking if ‘Europe’ was only into ‘repression’ – this was her reference to nations resisting the imposition on their sovereign soil of hordes of wannabe welfare bludgers, the notorious Brussels ‘quota’ scheme.

Of course the Belgian readily agreed! He seemed to think the historic nations of Christendom should just roll over and embrace as many as they possibly could of illegals oozing across the Med!

Again, he can say what he likes, but have EuroNews no hackettes with at least a slender grasp of how to ask tough questions?

Are these invaders remotely within the true definition of ‘asylum?’

Are they not in fact economic migrants, only after bountiful social benefits?

Should national leaders not consult their citizens on the migrant menace?

Are primitives who live by backward customs and codes fit to live in civilised countries at all?

All Tilve did was invite him to echo her own ‘enemy within’ animus against patriotic policies.  

Is this bint paid to undertake objective reporting or to push her empathy with undesirable immigrants?