Empire Day, 24th May – Let’s Sing ‘The Maple Leaf Forever!’



Another Sunday morning coming down, but no Johnny Cash songs today.

I had a very restful Saturday, stricken with that flu, but a helpful visitor ameliorated my situation.

Between LemSip and Johnny Walker, I have fought off the worst of the illness. So today, bacon and eggs, then a bit of a jaunt.

But mindful of the history of my tribe…


The popularity of the patriotic song “The Maple Leaf For Ever” has endured for over a century after its composition in 1867, the year of Canada’s Confederation. This is one of the original 1,000 copies of the song that composer Alexander Muir had printed. Legend has it that Muir was inspired by a maple tree in Toronto’s east end Leslieville neighbourhood.

Alexander Muir, 1830-1906
Toronto: 1868

Music score page 1Music score page 2


We used to belt that song out as we saluted the Red Ensign, in our elementary schools in Perth County, Ontario.

Have a Happy Empire Day!