Murder in Posh Kemang! Kenapa Jopi Tewas?

Just about to go out into the morning sunshine, late rise today, touch of flu still lingering, but then I read about Jopi Peranginangin.

Frankly, I’d never heard of him, but he won’t be going out into any morning sunshine today, or ever again.



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  • Not yet 40 years of age, he was brutally killed in one of Jakarta’s most upmarket areas yesterday, that neighbourhood I invariably describe as ‘posh Kemang.’

It’s way down south, full of fancy cafes and bars, and home to the rich, including many foreigners (those with money, hence my residence elsewhere!)

And in a car-park, sometime after midnght, he was beaten and stabbed to death, apparently for trying to break up a brawl – so say the cops.  

That is notable too.

If one sees a girl walking down a dark street being attacked and robbed, most of us would step in and try to help. But a brawl among half-a-dozen thugs? When the cafe’s own security were on the scene to sort it out?

Jopi was stabbed in the back.


bar venue 780x390

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  •  The Jakarta Globe curiously doesn’t seem to know which cafe’s car-park, but it shouldn’t be hard to find out.  ( I just did – the more thorough tells us it was the Venue, located at Jalan Kemang Selatan Nomor 2; I’ve never been there)

Murder most foul, but many such, alas, happen here in Jakarta – why note this one?

Well, the JG tells us that, at least!

But only right at the bottom of their report do they provide the details.

Poor Jopi was ‘an activist with the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago [AMAN].’ 

He was, moreover, ‘known for his intense criticism of palm oil companies which violate their working permits and concession areas approved by the Indonesian government.

Again, curiously, this is reflected in their headline…

Environmental Activist Murdered in South Jakarta: Reports

… so why only get round to explaining it at the tail-end of their report? Does somebody at the JG think there’s a connection, yet lacks the proof to make the link? 

At least four witnesses are currently being questioned by the police, including two of the cafe’s security guards..

I’ll be interested to see who, if any, of those responsible, gets arrested and charged. I don’t get into ‘environmental’ issues as a rule, though occasionally pay attention to them, when undesirables are involved.  ‘Greenpeace – Stooge of the Infidels!’ Latest Jakarta IslamoNazi Rant 

But nobody deserves to be slain in a car-park for simply showing concern over the fate of the forests.