Already Tory Lies Exposed! Cameron Endorses Labour Curb on Expat Voters

UK nationals who have been resident overseas for 15 years or more will not be eligible to vote, despite assurances from the Conservative party chairman, Grant Shapp, last year that they would be.


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The Guardian report also reminds us that it was Labour, in 2000, that narrowed overseas voters’ rights, no logical argument presented then, clearly party advantage discerned, since older voters are said to be more conservative.

Now Cameron has cast aside his party pledge, and certainly thus rigged the expat vote. Many of the younger ones, who get to vote, are on the EU payroll, or at least have a vested interest in that they are employed in EUSSR member states.

This should make no difference, of course, on how they mark their ballot papers, but ‘should’ and ‘will’ are two separate verbs. It’s a fact that a lot of people these days, in a lot of countries, vote on the basis not of patriotism, or any principle, but on crass short-term personal advantage.

As noted previously, this freezing of the franchise mirrors the frozen pensions – if a man lives outside the UK, his senior citizen state pension remains forever at exactly the same sum he first got when he turned 65.

I believe some very old folk in this situation are expected to live on roughly five pounds a week!

But that would cost money to fix!

And Cameron has a lot of financial outgoings MUCH more important than that!

Like the wads of cash handed out to ‘asylum’ bludgers..




.. plus the millions wasted on lawyers playing games with illegal immigrant cases,  plus the millions soaked up by sticky-beak trouble-makers on bodies like the ‘Equality Commission…’


….not to mention the rip-offs perpetrated by Brussels against the UK tax-payer.





Only a damfool would expect Cameron to care more for elderly Brits than for wastrel projects like those.