UK Forced To Take Sweden’s Surplus Parasites? – UKIP The Only Hope!

Just read a lengthy and thoroughly alarming article in EUObserver ( a committed Europhile part of the media, so all the more revealing their exposure of Juncker’s malevolent scheming)

It makes it clear that the Commissars in Brussels can and will impose thousands of parasites on every EUSSR province.

jean-claude-juncker-2006- Enemy Within


  • I use ‘province’ because the extent of their decline from their former sovereign status is made starkly plain. And it’s not just the enemy within’s intention to advance their grand design from ‘recommended’ to ‘binding!’


Nor is it the absence of ANY repudiation by Brussels of Comrade Mogherini’s ‘guarantee’ that not one single savage will be sent back without its specific consent!


  • Enemy at the Gates!


Get a load of the shocking suggestion that Sweden, having more or less irretrievably  abandoned its national identity by importing enormous numbers of undesirable aliens, could unload its surplus bludgers on other countries under Juncker’s proposals! 

But it’s right at the end that we realise what a debt of gratitude Britain owes to the millions of patriots who cast their votes for UKIP a few weeks ago. 

National governments are extremely wary of the rise of anti-immigration parties, so they might reject the proposals out of hand. In this case, the commission will have gambled and lost.


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  • It’s no good bitching about the unfairness of the electoral system.
  • Of course it’s iniquitous, but those millions of votes were NOT wasted – they sent a message to the rotten elite, that the country has stirred in its slumbers.

And it will awake – if the drums keep sounding, if the bugles keep playing, without self-serving dissonance in the marching band of the People’s Army.  

If those currently engaged in internal party feuding don’t belt up and unite behind the leader UKIP members obviously favour, they will be cursed by future British generations.

And it goes without saying that unity at home needs to be matched by unity across the EUSSR, every independence movement coming together hand in hand to fight common enemies, both the internal breed and the sea-borne enemy at the gate.