Wrong, Retno – Crimmigrants’ Intended Targets Have NO Duty Of ‘Cooperation!’

Ms Marsudi replied that it was “not fair” to make the problem an Indonesian one.


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  • “The cooperation should come from country of origin and country of transit and country of destination,” she said.

And it sounds like she’s blaming Oz for declining to be lumbered with more free-loaders!     http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-05-22/dutton-defends-government-decision-over-rohingya-refugees/

Retno Marsudi may be the first female Foreign Minister Indonesia has ever had, but she’s not the first holder of that job to fall into drastic error.

We spent a lot of time criticising her predecessor, Marty ‘Mealy-Mouth’ Natalegawa, mostly for his inability to talk straight about the Cikeusik Pogrom ‘trial…’

…in hindsight, whether the sense of justice is fully served, I don’t know…  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/the-moderate-view-reporting-sectarian-violence-to-un-is-white-collar-crime/     

…and so far Bu Retno hasn’t said anything quite as outrageous as those shocking words about that shocking mockery of justice.


But nevertheless…why has she made such a deliberately and needlessly provocative statement?

 Why on earth should the crimmigrants’ target nations be dragged into the equation? Australia never invited these wretches, nor indicated in any way that they’d be given a green light to get their greedy snouts into Aussie tax-payers’ pockets!




Country-shopping is NOT a ‘human right’ listed even in the European Court’s bizarre interpretations of that hazy concept.

If some dead-beat in some dire dump decides all by himself that bludgers can screw more benefits out of Aussie (or Canadian, or UK, or US) tax-payers than are likely obtainable here in Indonesia, or Malaysia, or indeed anywhere else…



The ‘destination’ of the waster wannabes is simply their personal plunder plan, just like a house picked by ‘home invader’ robbers. That pick in no way obligates any innocent family to oblige nasty looters who erupt uninvited to lay waste a happy home.

If Indonesia decides to bow to UN diktats and bring ashore hundreds or thousands of undesirable aliens, Indonesia has to live with the consequences.

I suppose the IslamoNazis will rush to take their share into their homes.


fpi kill busddhist


The FPI claim to have thousands of members, so their individual readiness to open their personal doors should soak up most of the Rohingya currently detained in camps in Aceh.

Indeed, numerous posters I saw last week, on my bus travels around Jakarta, urging Indonesians to ‘help’ Rohingya were very clearly sectarian in their appeal, like this one I found via Google today.

  • NB  Note carefully -NOT  ‘Help Rohingya‘ but ‘Help Rohingya Muslims.’ 

If the new batch of Rohingya are anything like those we featured two years ago…

…they’ll get on famously with the blood-thirsty FPI white-shirts in our photo, openly advertising their wish to murder people they’ve never met, purely on grounds of how those people worship God. 

But are these people even Rohingya?


Obviously, few ‘asylum’ seekers in this part of the world, as on the Mediterranean, are genuinely seeking ‘asylum.’ They are, more often than not, just economic migrants, snouts looking for a trough.

And the Oz media report fresh confirmation of this enduring truth, Julie Bishop quoting Ibu Retno’s own colleagues, thus –

“They (Indonesia) believe there are about 7,000 people at sea [and] they think about 30 to 40 per cent are Rohingya, the rest are Bangladeshi,” Ms Bishop said.

“They are not, in Indonesia’s words, asylum seekers, they are not refugees — they are illegal labourers. They’ve been promised or are seeking jobs in Malaysia.

“They said the Rohingya have gone to Bangladesh and have mixed up with the Bangladeshis who are coming to Malaysia in particular for jobs.”

Hasan Kleib


Ms Bishop said Indonesia’s director-general of multilateral affairs, Hasan Kleib, told her one boat carrying 600 people had 400 Bangladeshis aboard.  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-05-23/bishop-says-most-of-7000-stranded-people-are-labourers/6491836

Now when even the ABC feels a duty to record this reality, you know the case for deportation of many of these moochers must be overwhelmingly strong.