Referendum Rules – Muzzle Brussels – Outlaw Supranational Largesse!

Those of us old enough to remember the last EUSSR referendum, in 1975, will recall the gross intrusion of alien apparatchiks, at tax-payer expense, into the campaign.

  • heath.wilson Two of a kind

Harold Wilson, in a shameless loading of the dice, with no objections from the ‘Opposition’ led by EuroHeath, authorised three official propaganda deliveries, even though there were only two sides, to every household.

EU - referendum vote

The third was from his government, making it a two-to-one Brussels bias and arguably contributing to the result, when Brits were persuaded to stab themselves in the back.

Hence a timely call from a good website, this week, demanding that only two sides be recognised this time, pro-Brussels and pro-independence…both of which should have equal public funding and provide scrutineers at all counts. A Referendum is of the People and the Government should have no separate role to play.

No funding for either side should be allowed from business, trade unions, the European Commission or any third party nor should any third party be permitted to provide any materials, services or facilities whatsoever to the competing campaigns or to the British public in any form. The penalty for infraction should be a fine ten times the value of the services provided and would invalidate the entire referendum.


But that’s how it SHOULD be!

The reality is, and likely will be, that foreign funding, from Brussels, and who knows but from Soros-funded foundations and collaborationist outfits like the European Movement, will be splurging cash to get their desired outcome.

So I am appending another link, to Better Off Out, and will make space for any other patriot appeals in the weeks ahead.


How you can join the Better Off Out Action Day 
on Friday 5 June

Now that the Referendum Bill has been announced, Better Off Out will be organising a series of Action Days. The first of these will take place on FRIDAY 5 JUNE, the 40th anniversary of the 1975 European Referendum.

You could take part by doing one of two activities:

  • Sending emails to media and elected representatives. An activity you can do at home.
  • A protest at a central London location.

If you would like to take part in this Action Day on 5th June, please reply to this email and I will send you details of how you can join in.

Future Action Days will involve a wider range of activities, and I will be in touch about those in due course.

All campaigning costs money, so whether or not you are able to join us on the Action Day you could make a donation that will be used exclusively to campaign to take Britain out of the European Union.



Better Off Out logo


You can donate online via making payments to “” or by sending a cheque made payable to “Better Off Out” to:

The Treasurer

Better Off Out

HMS President

Victoria Embankment





  • £10 pays for a placard
  • £20 pays for 1,000 leaflets
  • £40 pays for an all-weather pvc banner
  • £100 can sponsor an after Road Show campaign event with Better Off Out speaker drawn from one of our many supporters in Parliament or the academic and journalist community

  • £500 would allow for both an Campaigns Pack and after Campaign Rally Event. This would cover the costs of transport, campaign materials and room hire.

  • £1,500 would buy a full branded market stall including pergola, banner, stand-along flags and work counter.

All those donating £20 or more will receive a Better Off Out badge.

All those donating £100 or more will receive a Better Off Out badge and a Better Off Out Book Club Pack

All those donating £500 or more will receive a FREE ticket to Freedom Festival North, plus a Better Off Out badge and Book Club Pack.