Unlike Moron Moon, The Devil’s Disciples Say Something Sensible, Occasionally!

The South Korean diplomat told press in Brussels on Wednesday (27 May) that sinking boats will deprive local communities in north Africa of ways to earn a living.



It’s hard to beat Bang Ki Moon for crass stupidity, but I am foregoing the temptation to lash the Korean cretin again. Instead, my attention was captured by something said by the satanists! 

ISIS sympathisers online have called on Rohingya fleeing persecution in Myanmar to go to Syria. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/05/29/isis-backers-set-sights-singapore-targets.html

Best place for them!

At least Indonesia’s and Malaysia’s hard-pressed public purses would not have all those Rohingya snouts dug in deep!



. ooooooooooooooooo

And perhaps the ISIS rape-gang’ affiliates in North Africa could similarly direct all those other crimmigrant cargo vessels to change course, away from Europe, head towards Syria too?

Then Moon could relax, and give us all a break from his pitiful bleating.



How would ISIS otherwise get the man-power required to launch the terrorist offences they’re planning against France, or Germany, or Italy…Italy arrests Moroccan man accused in Tunisia Bardo attack, says he arrived on migrant boat


devil destroyed ISIS


…aah, not to worry, the EU High Representative ( and big fan of Yasser Arafat) Federica Mogherini has given a cast-iron guarantee that not one single illegal undesirable will be expelled unless he really, really, swear by satan, wants to pull his snout out of European tax-payers’ pockets!

So even without the top-up expected during the summer sailing season, there will be enough savages securely ashore to carry out further assaults on civilised peoples.