Banyak Pesepeda Bugil Segera Datang ke Jakarta?

It’s hard to decide which is more ridiculous.

The very concept of a World Naked Bike Ride..


Expelling a male participant following reports that he had an erection.

Just what do the organisers expect to happen if a bloke finds himself surrounded by naked women, all of whom must have been slightly deranged but some of whom were probably attractive?

The WNBR was staged in Canterbury, Kent, on Sunday, the ostensible purpose being to raise awareness of the dangers faced by cyclists on the road.

Here’s a statement from an eye-witness  “Everyone was taking their clothes off to get ready for the ride. I heard gasps and I turned around – it was a horrible sight.”

But I suspect that among the dozens of naked bodies on display there must have been many other horrible sights.


While sylph-like lasses displaying their charms for all to see may not be intolerable – and there are bars and clubs galore for those prepared to tolerate such sights…

Penyari Bugil Kanada – Bare-Naked in a Good Cause? 

… most of us, once past forty, are best advised to keep our bare essentials to ourselves – that’s not a moral judgement but an aesthetic one.


“It looked like he was enjoying the event a bit too much.”

I dare say.

But the real culprits are the idiots who use their purported concern for road safety as an excuse for gross exhibitionism – like ride organiser Barry Freeman: “We do not accept this behaviour and he was dealt with and removed before the ride started.”


Duh, engage brain, Barry – if you’re serious about promoting cycling safety, there’s absolutely no need to trivialise the issue by showing off tons of bare bums, etc.

Or if you are desperate to get naked, hire a private race-track for the final lap, and have the participants decently swim-suited on the public highway till that final lap.

And as in Toronto (see posts on their pervert parade Stop Toronto’s Gross ‘Gay’ Indecency! ) British Police apparently no longer deem indecent exposure to be an offence. 

Officers took the man’s details but no further action will be taken. 


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Another complaint from the member of the public that the event was allowed to take place was being “dealt with..generally speaking, nudity in public is not an offence where there is no intention to cause harassment, alarm and distress and therefore Kent Police did not have any grounds to stop the event.”

So some dork can walk down a busy English High Street, full of shopping families, and do so bollock-naked unless cops find cast-iron evidence he is out to cause alarm?


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  • Well, that’s what Toronto’s Finest think, so why not in Kent, UK, also?
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According to this utterly amazing report, WNBR events are held in cities and towns around the world.

I look forward to Jakarta’s.

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Our traffic jams here are already among the world’s worst.

A bunch of yummy chicks without clothes, pedalling fast and furious, should ensure total grid-lock!

PS – I cannot find any Jakarta event scheduled. I’m sure readers will advise if they hear of one.