Name the Terror Charity – We Need a Patriot WikiLeaks!

Subversives like Snowden and the pathetic queer Bradley Manning seem to find it easy to get hold of secret info and blast it out every which way, regrettably with the aim of doing their country down. 

Those two are American, but other nations have suffered similar ‘leaks.’


bradley maning American queer traitor Bradley Manning

Julian Assange Appears In Court For An Extradition Hearing Australia’s arch-subversive Julian Assange


There’s the UK Foreign Office skivvy, Sarah Tisdall, and the ‘WikiLeaks’ phenomenon, the pro-transparency site edited by Julian Assange, famed for publishing classified information, originates from Australia.

These spies, for surely that’s what it amounts to, are not motivated by anything normal folk would recognise as patriotism. They are all left-libs, pinkos as we tend to say.

But suppose there was a loyal ‘leak’ operation? Revealing truths covered up by the Enemy Within.


We know that such truths exist. But they are uncovered only now and then, like the letter that proved the BBC betrayed its duty of fair play during the Rhodesia crisis, and the revelations about Labour’s grand design to destroy Britain’s character by multicult migration.

Today I’m moved to ponder the need for greater efforts by good people to expose hidden scandals, after reading the Australian news, viz.

“Investigative journalist from the Seven Network, Bryan Seymour ran a story that the ACNC was asked by the Federal Police to look at a charity,” Independent Senator Nick Xenophon told the Committee.

The story revealed the charity regulator was investigating a large Muslim charity suspected of supporting terrorism.



Clearly the public have a right to know what charity NOT to give to. BUT …

Privacy laws prevented it saying which one, but 7News has learned it raises over $250,000 a year.

That’s money from the pockets of people who (presumably) imagine the charity is doing good.


If a single cent of any such money ends up with ISIS, or Al Qaeda, or any other satanic terror gang, then it’s no bloody good that the Charities regulator’s advice is to keep giving, but just be careful who you give to.

Best give to none at all, to be certain, and that’s pretty poor advice.  What about parliamentary privilege? \

Do Aussie MPs and Senators enjoy the same immunity from legal action when speaking in their legislative chambers?

If so, what are they waiting for?