Ngada? Astaga! Tantrum Regent’s Goons Fined 38 CENTS for Runway Blockade!

It does become ever harder to explain Indonesian concepts of justice to its many detractors, and the news from Kupang, in East Nusa Tenggara Province sure as sugar doesn’t help.





Prosecutors in eastern Indonesia have decried as lenient the suspended sentence and token fine handed down against 23 public order officers for blocking an airport runway in December 2013.

The prosecution had asked for two-year prison terms and multi-million rupiah fines, but instead, the moronic militia got suspended sentences with a Rp.5000 fine – that works out at THIRTYEIGHT CENTS – less than you pay for a can of Coke here!

Nice to know what value the court puts on passengers’ safety.

This case has been dragging on and on and on…despite plentiful evidence against these low-level jerks, who were ordered into this utterly irresponsible action by a tantrum-driven regional leader named Marianus Sae.


Marianus Sae. Tribunnews

Spoilt Brat Sae


Merpati – Spoilt Brat, Tantrum, Blocks Runway – No Arrests?! 

I have more than once sought info from media sources to learn what’s going on, since Sae, the Regent of Ngada, staged his spoilt-brat act all those many months ago. 

He ordered the blockade of the airport in Ngada because he was angry that he was unable to get a ticket for a flight home from Kupang, the provincial capital, on board a fully booked Merpati Nusantara Airlines flight.



Runway Blockade – Minnows Named, Blow-Fish Next? 

Like most Indonesians, I was shocked that he was not instantly suspended from his position of responsiblity, since responsibility is plainly a quality of which he was in short supply.  

Local media have had little to say, except on rare occasions  –  – and this turns out to be simply due to the foot-dragging of those preparing for the court case. There was no news to report – though surely any conscientious editors would have had their hacks down there door-steeping various sloths daily, demanding to know what was holding thngs up.

There certainly ought to be a serious investigation NOW into  how long it took to go to trial, as the Jakarta Globe puts it.

But much more importantly, what kind of court renders a guilty verdict for an extremely serious crime, blocking an airport runway where a plane-load of passengers was due to land, then makes that verdict a hollow victory!




What’s all the more shameful is that the Indonesian Government hasn’t lifted a finger to intervene –

– The Home Affairs Ministry, which is required to suspend a regional head if they are charged with a criminal offense, has failed to act against Marianus for more than a year and a half now. –

Jakarta Ministers may argue that, ludicrously, Sae has only been named a suspect, not charged (and that’s bloody bizarre in itself )

But there must be powers to intervene if there are indications of instability, which ordering hired goons to take dangerous action, merely to soothe one’s fretty little ego, must indicate. And there should have been constant pressure from Jakarta on the foot-dragging court.

If the Government chooses to demonstrate such sublime indifference, it makes you wonder about flying anywhere in the archipelago. There may be more than  one tantrum-prone twit holding office in Indonesia! 

People who use air passenger transport services deserve to be reassured that such brainless behaviour is prevented, and the best way to remove the threat of tantrums is surely to remove the culprit from the equation.




Meanwhile,  the local DA has agreed with most thinking people, and plans to immediately file an appeal against the sentencing, on the grounds that it was not commensurate with the seriousness of the offense, which put passenger safety at risk.

The only consolation is that Merpati Airlines, whose boss disgracefully had a cosy little chat with Sae….

–  Merpati’s president director had personally contacted Marianus…the two had agreed to close the case..

…went on to hit serious commercial problems.

Now we must wait to see if courts down in East Nusantara Tenggara Province get their act together and ensure that there will soon be serious LEGAL problems for you-know-who!

But don’t hold your breath – there’s a powerful Islamist party which has sworn to support him. reported way back in December 2013 that the National Mandate Party (PAN)’s Deputy Secretary General,Teguh Juwarno, ‘regretted’ Sae’s ‘unworthy’ action but ‘appreciated’ his apology.




Although Teguh  is also a law-maker, and recognised that Sae had broken the law, he made it very clear that PAN ‘would still defend him.’‘

If any of Teguh’s loved ones had been on that Merpati flight, would he still have ‘appreciated’ that apology?

Makes you want to vomit!