Amorous Alys Denies All – Bali UK Consul Sex-Shocker!

Frankly, it’s hard to give a monkey’s about this dumbo dame Alys Harahap, she of the ‘plummy’ voice (in itself a good argument for the Foreign Office to quit recruiting from ‘public schools)’ whose personal life is now public property.

Besides, we have covered her demise before. 

Alas, Poor Alys, UK Consul! Mr. Big and Yo-Yo Put Bali in the News! 

On duty: Alys Harahap (pictured right) poses up with officers at a Bali police function last November

If those splendid officers had only known about Amorous Alys (on the right).

‘Telephone sex? ‘ I’ll keep my mobile on ‘silent,’ thanks very much!


The Daily Mail has published what it says are her nauseating telcons with some crim in Bali’s Kerobokan Prison – which, to be fair, she denies.

But if it’s the case that the calls are genuine, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office should come clean on what steps have been taken to reclaim public funds – example, her boasts about running up a £833 bill on her office mobile phone and leaving the consulate to pay it.

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  • But what reassurance do we get from the FCO?

 ‘This member of staff [Harahap] was dismissed in March 2015 following a thorough investigation that took place while they were suspended. We expect all our staff to adhere to the highest possible standards. 

Fine. Sacked. She can use her ‘plummy’ voice in many another career.  Telephone sex, maybe…


But if pin-striped mandarins regard hundreds of pounds of tax-payers’ cash as a trivial matter not worth pursuing, one has to wonder if Alys’ extravagance was unique to her or whether such self-indulgence is ubiquitous.

One hopes not.

But a clear statement, on when the money was clawed back – from her last salary cheque, presumably – and on what steps have been taken to prevent any such abuses in future, is essential.