Money Well Spent! But Do Oz-Bound Wannabe Bludgers Ever Tell The Truth?

Considering the immensity of the cost inflicted on Australian tax-payers every time some so-called ‘asylum’ parasite gets his snout ashore, I’d say most Aussies are applauding the alleged action of those tasked with defending the Lucky Country. 

Police in Rota, Indonesia, are claiming that the six-man crew of a crimmigrant cargo vessel were given $US5,000 each by Australian custom officials.

Right, a tall tale, but who knows?


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Compare that $300K tab to the SIXTY MILLION dollars run up by ‘asylum’ scum who ran amok on Christmas Island. Not to mention other examples of anti-social violence and vandalism by undesirable aliens. Bravo, Aussie – Savages Subdued on Manus! 


Keeping these illegals out is a splendid investment from the point of view of ordinary working folk who expect their taxes to benefit themselves and fellow-citizens facing economic hard times. 

The Rota police chief said he saw the money himself, wrapped in six black plastic bags when the crew was apprehended for their people-smuggling operation.

So where has that money gone now? That would be a story worth pursuing, given recent Indonesian scandals over investigation into the wealth of senior officers!

Without Fear Or Favour? C’mon, Jakarta Cops! 

But already there are discrepancies, with the bludgers claiming the nefarious crew got SEVEN thousand bucks a head. I’m no hot-shot at sums, but….uh, where’s that $12,000? What were we just saying?!

The thing is, no smart Aussie has forgotten the vile smears on the Royal Australian Navy spread by that ABC hack in Jakarta.


abc treachery



The pinko Oz media never skips a chance to do down those who serve Australia, ever-ready to swallow whatever yarns are spun by people it’s crazy to trust.

‘A Soft Touch!’ Truth Will Out on Asylum Parasites! Oz Officials ‘Know You’re Lying’ but ‘You’ll Be Fine!’ 

 Immigration Minister Dutton has said the story is untrue, and I’d believe him more readily than a pack of frustrated spongers p*ssed off because they can’t get at Australia’s freebies.