Referendum Campaign – Time To Pull The Plug On Euronews?

I don’t know how many Brits watch Euronews, but here in Jakarta it’s only available on cable TV. 


Watching it is not an edifying experience, unless you are a PC pinko Brussels running-dog. 

Euronews’ Or Eurabian Pravda? Anti-UKIP, Anti-USA – Brazen Bias! 

EuroNews’ Nadir of Pinko Bias – ‘Lawyers On Board EU Task Force!’ 



And it is entirely fair to argue that they are paying back the EurocRats for the millions Brussels has poured into their coffers. Can Anti-Ikhwan Mogul Clean Up Euronews? 


BBC EU flag


Mind you, the BBC has been on that game for a long time too.


Frankly, having just watched Euronews’ latest ‘news feature’ on the UK referendum, I tend to think, if the campaign is to be maintained as a level playing field, publicly-funded propaganda outlets, serving up cr#p that wouldn’t have been be out of place on Pravda, should be given a red card.

Euronews is neither fair, nor objective, nor impartial.

The ‘feature’ was a damned disgrace, filling near enough ten minutes with a cast clearly carefully selected to avoid any semblance of balance.

We had a pinko cartoonist named Riddell, who works for the left-lib Observer. He used his time diligently to attack Conservative patriots, whom he blithely dismissed as twenty years behind the times. It was almost amusing to watch his lips quiver with loathing when he actually used the words ‘Tory Rightwingers.’

Then we had some ‘EU migrant,’ a man called Anjy, who is now a UK citizen, so we were told. He ranted and railed against changes in welfare rules which, he said, were outwith EU law.

Maybe they are, but who’s he to whine? He has been granted the privilege of becoming a subject of Her Britannic Majesty, and should be grateful, not taking the supranational side.

Then off to a Polish Social Club, where a nice little Polish lass seemed quite concerned about benefit rules too. 

And then to Open Europe, which has allegedly been advising Cameron on how to get a deal with ‘Europe.’ Their spokesman was a rational enough bloke, but only interested in keeping the UK inside a ‘reformed’ Europe.

Okay, a balanced report would give people like the above a chance to have their say.  

But NOBODY who wants to get Britain out?

No voice heard for British independence? 

Euronews is put out by a consortium of state broadcasters. Tell them their rancid bias is a scandalous misuse of the public funds they’ve been sponging off. 



Here are their contact details.-