RIP, Sir Christopher Lee

Sad to see that the actor at whose fangs we teenagers once shuddered has passed away, though at a ripe old age.



Christopher Lee was a great success, not perhaps with the effete critics who pen disdainful reviews for stuck-up ‘heavy’ newspapers, but with the great British public who flocked to “Dracula,” “Dracula, Prince of Darkness,” “Dracula Has Risen From The Grave…”

Well you get the picture!

Looking back, it was an innocent era in many ways, our scariest moments located in the back stalls, or the balcony, in the days when cinemas had balconies!

How many cinemas in Jakarta today have balconies? I’ve no idea about the UK or Canada!

Nowadays, with truly satanic forces at war with civilisation, it must be hard to really scare a movie theatre audience.

But Lee did. And did it well!

Adieu, Count!