Boycott North Carolina’s Gaystapo Running-Dog!

north carol.pope

Foe of freedom John Pope


Get that sneer!

 But the arrogant smile will be lacking this weekend on the face of John Pope, a big business bully who recently issued a declaration of war on the decent people of North Carolina.

With a religious freedom law passed by both legislative chambers, Pope stuck his snout in, with a mailed menace calculated to intimidate  – he threatened to move what he said was a $20 million Freightliner order from Cleveland County to Mexico, if the democratically elected legislators pressed ahead in defence of American values.



A true gaystapo running-dog!

For whatever reasons, the gutless governor buckled and vetoed the bill, delighting decadents across the land.

But there are more normal people than decadents. Maybe they aren’t as rich as Pope. but they have backbones. They stood firm, rallied, showering legislators with calls to stand up for freedom!

And it worked!

Both NC legislative chambers voted to over-ride that veto.

But let’s not let it rest there.




Good Americans should initiate a BOYCOTT of the cur’s company. There are surely plenty of alternatives if you need that kind of service.