Canadian Pinko ‘Shocked’ – For All The Wrong Reasons!

Driver The ISIS Pig


This slimy swine goes by at least two names, Aaron Driver and/or Harun Abdurahman. He lives in Winnipeg and has publicly admitted being an Islamic State supporter.

Now what if, back around 1939/40, when my Dad and all his pals from the neighbouring farms in Perth County, Ontario, were preparing to join the fight against Hitler’s armies, some satanic sleaze-bag had publicly admitted being a Nazi supporter?
public stocks punishment
I dare say he’d have been tarred and feathered by the good people of our community, if not worse.
(mind you, young Pierre Eliot Turdeau in Quebec was transgressing in more or less similar fashion to Driver, yet escaped proper punishment – but that’s another story!)
So of course I’m shocked that such vermin exist in today’s Canada without attracting appropriate attention from irate citizens.
And when I saw the headline in a related report, that what the scumbag’s doing…

‘should shock every Canadian…’

…I thought to myself, aaah, good sense still exists!

But not for long!

Inevitably in the current decadence that afflicts most Western countries, the ‘shock’ expressed by a whining pinko named Corey Shefman is over the fact that this rabid little rat is spending a few DAYS behind bars.

The head of the Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties says 23-year-old ISIS supporter Aaron Driver should be charged or released from jail immediately. 
Actually, he should be hanged for treason. Canada is at war with the ISIS rape/murder gang. Their cheer-leader Driver, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, is a traitor.
And all that’s happened is that he’s been briefly put behind bars while the RCMP are seeking a peace bond!
A PEACE bond? They should be looking for a length of strong rope and a handy tree!
But THIS swine is belly-aching away on the traitor’s behalf. 

“It should shock every Canadian citizen that this is possible or that is being done,” Corey Shefman told CBC News. 
Predictably, he invokes Nazi-sympathiser Turdo’s Charter, and goes on –
“When we’re walking down the street, going about our daily lives…in the past we were able to be confident knowing unless we were charged with a crime we weren’t going to lose our freedom..That’s not so clear any more.”
What IS clear is that when we’re walking down the street these days, we never know if some piece of sectarian dog-sh#t like Driver is out and about with a bomb built for mass-murder.
ISIS and their collaborators in Canada want to destroy both innocent Canadians AND freedom.
So Mr. Shefman, here’s some helpful advice.
Take your simpering ‘rights group’ and…