The Peanut That Roared – Carter Resorts to ‘Racist’ Smears!

“Many Americans still have racist tendencies or feelings of superiority to people of color.”



There probably has been an increase in racial ill-feeling in the USA in recent years. With a racist President ( ‘the black lout could have been the son I never had’) and the blatant racism of A-G Eric Holder, it would be surprising if old animosities had not been restoked.


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  • The distinguished and patriotic service to America by black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and elected ‘minority’ representatives like the Governors of Oklahoma and North Carolina, should have negated that.

But, unfortunately, good individuals get overshadowed by shrilling street-gangs, like those in Ferguson and NYC. Those obnoxious rabbles were not all of one colour, of course, but their theme was clearly racial.

We have previously quoted an outstanding black politician on the subject.

Obama a’ Vile and Disgusting Racist!’ Sez Who? 


But back to Carter.

Like almost all left-liberals, The Peanut has feelings of superiority, but probably not to people of color. Having said that, he is on record for his fulsome expressions of admiration for Lester Maddox, another sometime Governor of Georgia, who gained international fame for handing out pick-axe handles to supporters to ensure black people would not get into his eatery.

Carter’s constant Un-American ranting is of course deplorable, but entirely self-serving.



He’s the same unprincipled prig who, appealing to fans of Lt. William Calley, of My Lai notoriety, declared an American Fighting Man’s Day and exhorted Georgians to use their headlights to flash dissent from Calley’s ‘victimisation.’

For full details of that, and much more, check this thorough book. The Real Jimmy Carter

He’s a total sh*t.