Shariah City? Some 12,000 Reasons To Steer Clear of Depok!

And carrying on from the last post, more news from Depok, West Java – by the middle of last week, Habib Idrus al Gadri had collected 12,000 of the 106,152 voter ID photocopies he needs to get on the ballot paper. 

Now read on!




Depok, a city just beyond the capital’s city limits, is not a place where people who like living in the 21st or even the 20th century would choose to live. Islamist bigotry there is entrenched.

It’s not just the frothing fanatics of the FPI and their vicious vigilante raids, but was evident in the Communist-style expropriation by the city authorities of a minority house of worship a few years ago…  –

….another sin of intolerance yet to be remedied by the Jokowi Government in Jakarta.

But the then Mayor, a follower of the jihadist PKS party (often said to be modelled on the Muslim Brotherhood) is approaching the end of his term of office.

The election is due later this year, in December, but already numerous luminaries have entered the fray.

Some are better than others, notably Rieke Diah Pitaloka.


rieketetendalam Rieke


She is not only a spirited foe of the IslamoNazi element but is admired for her readiness to stick up for the downtrodden. We posted on one excellent example of this a while back. 

Bravo RiekeHospital Caught in the Act!

However, although she’s pollng well, she lost her last battle in those parts…

West Java Votes for Dark Age, But Rieke’s A Ray of Sunshine 

…and, after all,the current mayor is PKS. So maybe voters there prefer benighted rule to modern pluralism.

Certainly, if that’s so, they’ll love PKS.


anisAnis Matta


osama_bin_satan mass-murdering beast Bin Laden


That party’s national leader, Anis Matta, infamously wrote an adulatory ode to praise the terrorist mass-murderer Bin Laden after 9/11, a heinous thing to do but for which he’s never been called out by the major media or parties in Indonesia, which is sadly telling.


However, there is at least one other candidate who can out-jihad anyone else, none other than our frequent ‘star,’ the FPI Gauleiter for Depok, Habib Idrus. Damn sure he’ll not want to shake any voter’s hand if she’s the wrong sex! The white-shirt gangster group’s attitude on women has long been made clear, most famously by their Jakarta  leader, when he said.

Although some Dark Age dolls may cover their dainty fingers with a cloth, so as to shake without sin!


== –Idrus, Gauleiter of Depok FPI Depok’s FPI Gauleiter Habib Idrus

  • 000000000000000

Idrus was once described as looking berserk when he couldn’t break into the Mayor’s office –Islamist Bigot Biter Bit in West Java  – so he may feel that an electoral debut is a much less demanding approach!

Anyway, here’s a taste of what he wants for Depok. 

The goal of Depok leadership is very clear…”Firstly, eradicate disobedience, with enforcement of shariah law. That’s most important, because we know immorality is rampant in this city…And also build Depok with a religious vision that can meet the needs of all its citizens.”

Nothing much new there that he hasn’t said before, EXCEPT that bit about a religious vision that can meet the needs of all its citizens.

Really? ALL its citizens?

Including the innocent Ahmadiyah whose mosque was shamelessly stolen?

I’d love to believe him, but don’t.

I believe Habib Idrus is as much a friend to religious liberty as his movement’s Secretary General, Sobri Lubis, who is still available for your inspection here –  ‘Bunuh, bunuh, bunuh,’   – kill, kill, kill!    –  on video, urging a pig-ignorant rabble to MURDER Ahmadis.  


Tomorrow, Monday, is the deadline Idrus has to meet with all those endorsements.

Will he make it?

Anyway, one of the local media has been running a poll.

Western readers won’t know many other names, but might find it fun to drop by this link which takes you to another Depok story, but on the righthand side of the page, you’ll see a list of calon walikota, mayoral candidates. It’s obviously open to anyone to participate!