West Java, What Next? IslamoNazi Home Invasions?

Hey, lazy Sunday, so catching up on news and, having just posted on IslamoNazi promises NOT to cause mayhem   in Central Java…Did Sukorejo Show Indonesia How To Curb IslamoNazi Thuggery…suddenly I notice we may well be getting some nearer home.

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  • My home is my castle, so people in the Old Country say, meaning within their four walls they are safe from interference by sticky-beaks etc. But for residents of Depok, West Java, right next door to Jakarta, there may soon be a threat to such peace of mind.  No right to relax in your own home – the IslamoNazis are on the war-path again.

  • One of our numerous West Java readers sent us this story a while ago, but it is still timely. 

Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).  FPI savages, in cowardly mask mode


The self-styled Defenders of Islam Front (FPI) have brazenly boasted that they’ll not hesitate to carry out raids on apartments and boarding houses, the excuse being sticky-beak gossip that some of these dwellings are sometimes used as locations for prostitution.

Needless to say, it’s good old Gauleiter Gadri, aka Habib Idrus Al Gadri, Depok FPI chairman, who’s up to his neck in this vigilante mischief.

depok _swepping_buku Gauleiter Idrus Al Gadri

“The problem today, Depok City Government does not care about issues like this,” he has declared! According to him, currently Depok City Government emphasizes physical development rather than building moral citizens.  http://metro.tempo.co/read/news/2015/04/29/083662095/Marak-Prostitusi-FPI-Ancam-Razia-Kos-dan-Apartemen-di-Depok

Then he had a rant about how the municipal government does not combat the circulation of liquor…that is the source of all evil...

Well, the way I felt last Thursday morning, after a fine night out on Wednesday, I could almost have agreed with him.


  • prohibition_
  • ALL evil? Really?

But if Incandescent Idrus reckons sexual liaison behind the closed doors of rented apartments is one of those evils, as he obviously does, how is circulation of liquor the source of that?

You might bring home a six-pack to share with your chosen chick, but accessibility of alcohol does not, of itself, make you want to hook up, with a hooker or anyone else. A guy can be stone-cold sober and still get the urge. 

Logic is not the Gauleiter’s strong point.

But that’s his problem, not anyone else’s – until the strutting fanatic starts sending in thugs to gate-crash people’s homes and see who’s in bed with whom. 

In principle, if the law enforcement officers want to do the job, FPI will stand back. But, if they do not listen, we are going ourselves to raid places of prostitution,” he said.

Sadly, a lot of police time is indeed wasted on hunting down unmarried couples (NOT just slappers and clients) who are having fun in hotels etc.

It’s one of the odd aspects of living here in Indonesia. Occasionally, we get a laugh, when the biter is bit – here’s a link to a story from where one of the captured couples turned out to be police officers! Duh! Suami Lagi Pendidikan, Oknum Polwan di Rumah “Ditemani” Perwira – JPNN.com

NB, as always, it’s little hotels that are targetted, not the five-stars where the rich take their pick of high-class tarts from glitzy lounge bars. (although sometimes not – the big celeb slapper scandal mysteriously erupted after revelations from a posh hotel raid –Five-Star Hotel Hooker Horror – Jakarta Post Grammar Probe? )

But NB again, this time it’s NOT just hotels – it’s APARTMENTS AND BOARDING HOUSES – people’s private dwelling-places!!

If some bloke has his girl friend round for the weekend, and a gang of white-shirt louts break in,…?

Unfortunately gun ownership is heavily restricted here, because in my opinion, any resident thus faced with home-invasion by bigot ignoramuses with absolutely no right whatsoever to be troubling peaceful citizens…


….that resident would be entirely justified in taking down the sectarian brutes with whatever weapon might be handy.  

Mind you, given the FPI’s record of cowardice when they face indignant citizens’ resistance, they’d likely turn tail and run – unless the foe were out-numbered ten to one! IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck