HaHaHahaHa – ‘Human Rights’ Conference in Saudi?

Sometimes the UN completely forgets itself, drops the mask of benign Big Brother and shows the watching world its rancid essence, hypocrisy incarnate.

Only a week or so ago we covered the thousand lashes ordered on an innocent blogger there…

We’re Fighting ISIS? While Saudi Savages Order 1000 Lashes On A BLOGGER? 

…for expressing views on Islam unacceptable to the backward brutes who run the Saudi cess-pool.

Apart from the shariah subjugation of women, denied the right to drive a car and compelled to cloak themselves in ugly black shrouds…





…there are disgusting laws which decree death for basic freedoms like the right to convert from one religion to another, intolerance enhanced by applying this ‘apostasy’ law only to those who decide Islam is not for them. 

If a Christian turns apostate and converts to Islam, no penalties result.

Mind you, there aren’t many Christians – not a single church is allowed to exist. And if any attempt is made to spread the Gospel, the Saudi savages regard this as such a threat that they will impose draconian punishment on any brave evangelist captured by their thought-police..



No country which criminalises the right to choose how to worship God can be considered civilised, much less a suitable venue for discussion of human rights, much less one themed combating intolerance and violence based on religious belief. http://rt.com/news/265654-saudi-arabia-human-rights/.

Yet some klutz named Joachim Rucker, a German socialist, who no doubt lives both freely and splendidly in his role as President of the United Nations Human Rights Council, opened the event by saying – straight-faced – “Religious intolerance and violence committed in the name of religion rank among the most significant human rights challenges of our times.”


Joachim Rücker6e6cb-hypocrisyofoursociety



So with such a golden opportunity to point out handy examples, did he pinpoint his hosts as among the vilest perpetrators of these evils?

Hardly. They sit as honoured members of his HRC!



Instead the pinko was all oily smiles, as were the other UN toads in attendance. Sickening clowns!


Who can dispute the words of one campaigner on the subject.  

“For top UN human rights officials to now visit Jeddah and smile while human rights activist Raif Badawi languishes in prison for the crime of religious dissent, still under threat of further flogging, is to pour salt in the wounds. It’s astonishing.”