Renzi May Be Willing to ‘Hurt’ Europe – But Surely Italians Just Want Bludgers Booted Back!

Renzi is a leftist,and has no known record of patriotic action, He’s from the get-go been recognised as a Brussels Boy.


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  • If he had an ounce of pro-Italian instinct in his political genetic make-up, he would have kicked the boat-bludgers off his beaches, instead of authorising their succour at enormous expense to Italian tax-payers.
  • He would too have formed a ‘war-time’ type coalition, bringing in sound and sensible statesmen like Maroni of the Liga Nord.
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He would also have demanded the removal of Yasser Arafat’s fan Mogherini from her exalted status in Brussels, a role she has grossly abused by swearing that not a single crimmigrant would face deportaiion unless he or she agreed to it.

But Renzi’s is smart, his nationalist rhetoric honed to perfection, his latest exposition of a ‘secret plan’ to ‘hurt Europe’ a perfect axample.

No sane Italian wants to hurt Europe. Most sane Italians,however, should want to hurt the EUSSR, after the Mogherini rant and also because of the Dublin Deal, whoch forces italy (and Greece) to handle all the grubby parasites landing on their shores. But Dublin should not be amended to ‘spread the torment.’ 

The wise answer, of course, is not merely to scrap Dublin, but to scrap the ‘asylum’ nonsense altogether. 

Send the garbage back.

And recognise who’s to blame!


Cameron and Erdogan (1) Islamist Erdogan


It’s Turkey which is opening the flood-gates to hurt Greece, just as Libya is unleashing snouts galore to gouge the tax-troughs across the Med. 

Libya we can forgive. They have no government. But Erdogan’s Turks deserves no forgiveness. Their bad neighbour character is a matter of record.

Turkish Blackmail on Crimmigration, as Greeks Betrayed by EUSSR 





What Renzi needs to do – for short-term benefit to his own political survival or, more admirably, for the long-tern survival of Italy as a distinct nation, is to focus on the third part of his ‘Plan A,’ as outlined by his Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano. 

“I will say with great clarity: Kids, either we do equal distribution of migrants in Europe, or we organise refugee camps in Libya, or we organise a serious policy of repatriation”, he said.

out with them

Option 3 is the only one that makes sense.