Another Royale VIP Bus Advert – It’s Still the Warteg for Me!

I love these ads for the Jakarta Posh-Bus, as I call it.
The proprietors keep sending them to me, and I am more than happy to publicise their service, which I am sure is as wonderful as the likelihood that I will ever use it is remote.
At 10 million for 20 people, that’s fifty bucks a breakfast, which is no doubt delicious but I think I’ll stick with my usual option, the warteg, where I eat my fill for $1.50.
Admttedly the iced tea at my hang-out is not free-flow.
But after all, there’s only so much a man can hold – this last opinion does not of course extend to free-flow beer.
The advertisement points out that the bus will take  you on a tour of Jakarta, which my BusWay pass allows me for a neat Rp.3500.
However, for you affluent readers, here you are…
Perfect for company events or simply Sillaturamih with friends. We will organized everything for you!
Only 10 juta nett for 20 pax you will get city tour, snack and soft drink on board and 3 courses dinner free flow ice tea at the top restaurant in Jakarta. (maroush/anatolia/molly malones/queenshead/liquid exchange/willshire/tempayan/cacaote/etc)
Contact us right now for more info 021 98792877 or email