‘Genitalia?’ C’mon, Facebookers – ‘Like’ This Malaysian!

Thousands back gymnast in genitalia row at SEA Games
Meanwhile, next door, in Malaysia….

That athletic and attractive form above belongs to Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, a Malaysian sportswoman.

For her splendid performance, she’s come under attack from Islamist intolerants, the sort of sexists who see nothing wrong with guys going about bare-headed but insist that evey female has to be a baghead.



This ‘educational’ Indonesian poster sums up the fanatic minority’s sexist mentality
                                        ‘Fathers and Husbands–Their Aurat is Your Responsibility!’


Sexism incarnate, for sure, and the sight of lovely Farah has got them TERRIBLY excited!

Most of the time, we just have to listen to their bleating, but in this case, there’s a way to show your disdain –

By Monday, 11,000 people had “liked” the Facebook page “Farah Ann Abdul Hadi For Malaysia” which calls for “praise and support” for the double gold-medallist.

But never underestimate the eager ogling of the uptights. back home in Malaysia. The whners maintain  they could see the shape of her “aurat” (genitalia) in her leotard.

Hell, you can just imagine them, sitting in their sad little corners, gripping magnifying glasses tightly, salivating ever-so-righteously over the laptop screen.

‘Oh, look, it’s AURAT!’

  • Appallingly, collaborationist females have joined in the shrilling. 
  • Women ‘must prioritise the Islamic codes in sports attire,” said Roszida Kamaruddin, head of the female wing of the National Muslim Youth Association.

Yeah, Indonesia has some of that sort too. This outburst occurred a year ago, more or less.

The Deputy Secretary General, Indonesian Ulema Council ( MUI ) Welya Safitri, added that the Aceh model is a good example…most importantly, wearing the hijab must meet three conditions. That it’s Shariah compliant, conceals the genitals and shows no curves.



‘Scholars’ on Scarfs – ‘Must Be Shariah-Compliant, Hide Genitals, Show No Curves!’ 


Happily, sensible, non-sex-obsessed Malaysian Muslims have spoken up on the gymnast’s behalf, people like Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin- “In gymnastics Farah wowed the judges and brought home gold. In her deeds only the Almighty judges her. Not you. Leave our athletes alone.” Thousands back gymnast in ‘genitalia’ row at SEA Games

Hear hear!


If, unlike me, you have not been defenstrated from Facebook (in my case for exposing sectarian atrocities) please get onto that girl’s page and LIKE her!