Italy – Anti-Crimmigrant Resistance ‘Unjust?’ Put it To A Referendum!

Lombardy’s president Roberto Maroni not only ruled out taking in more migrants but threatened to cut regional funding to cities who took them in, prompting other northern regions to jump on the anti-immigration bandwagon. Italy slams anti-immigrant north as crisis deepens

Hallelujah! Ignoring the pejorative ‘bandwagon’ phrase, this news of elected leadership doing what it’s elected to do – defending the people they represent!


maroni01g Maroni


 But needless to say, the regime in Rome, which has not only acquiesced but actively joined in importing thousands of illegal aliens, slammed the country’s powerful northern regions for their “unjust” refusal… 

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano – a willing participant in this madness, now whines that Maroni’s patriotism  risked placing ever greater strain on the poorer south, which despite struggling with high unemployment “has helped the state face this emergency.”

RENZI_12_resize Renzi

An emergency, don’t forget, caused entirely by the Renzi Government’s failure to adopt sensible strategies, Oz-style, for turning the unwanted armada back to Africa. His folly has brought thousands of wannabe welfare-bludgers into Italy this month alone – and June is only half-done!

While his underling plays divisive politics, seeking to set North and South against each other, Renzi, in a spasm of hypocrisy, invoked his wheedling with Brussels as an excuse to castigate those Italians prepared to mount resistance.

He shrilled that it’s “difficult to speak of immigration and ask for the European Union to be involved when some regions in your own country say the problem has nothing to do with them.”

“What we need to do at the moment is solve problems, not by shouting but through action.”

Hell, Renzi – you’re the one making noise, while Maroni and his allies are into action!

But here’s the answer, if he wants to be fair to every Italian region.

Italy has provision for referenda in her constitution.

  • referndmlet peole vote

So let him propose a popular vote on the crimmigration issue. A simple question on the ballot paper.

Take ’em in or turn em back.

And count it region-by-region. 

Those regions that back his tsunami policy get the hordes who land on Italian shores.




Those who say NO get none.

I’ve a feeling few if any regions would elect to be troughs for the snouts to guzzle in.