Euronews, aka Pravda, Hits New Nadir of Offensive Bias!

Euronews is a scream. It actually advertises itself as objective, while showing the most intense left-liberal bias.




Euronews is also a blast from the past. It’s now taken to conjuring up pejorative phrases from history to drop into its ‘news.’


Last night it’s blatant inability to be objective became downright offensive.

I had only just got home around midnight and switched on the TV.

Euronews was reporting on the sensible Hungarian plan to keep out unwanted illegals by building a four meter fence along its entire border with Serbia, whence most of the undesirables are pouring in.

I don’t willingly use meters, or grams, since metrication was never put to a referendum in either Canada or the UK.

But I have a vague idea of the equivalents in real, Imperial, weights and measures, so it sounds like a four-meter fence should be high enough to keep out all except maybe the sort of aliens who resemble that infamous practitioner of voting fraud in Tower Hamlets…

“Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” 

But how did Euronews describe it?


How grotesque, to use that term about Hungary, after the bloody sacrifices made by Hungarians from the end of WW2 through the heroic tragedy of 1956…




…up until the quisling regime finally fell less than thirty years ago.

The IRON CURTAIN was not there to keep bad people out.

It was erected by the Evil Empire to imprison Hungarians who wanted to choose freedom. It extended all the way across a Continent, and claimed thousands of innocent lives. 


  • fechter

German Peter Fechter, another innocent murdered at the Communists’ Iron Curtain


  • Magyars today are proud of restoring their nation to its proper place as one of Europe’s historic exemplars. The fence they’re building is to keep it that way.
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  • Euronews is in receipt of public money.

    Referendum Campaign – Time To Pull The Plug On Euronews? 

    It should get not a penny more until it cleanses itself of cultural marxist influence.