PRJ, SPG, Plus Indiana Whiskey – Jakarta ‘Stoner’ Gems!



I’ve liked the Stones for years and years, took my offspring to see them in London about a quarter of a century ago, so would be truly happy if they included Indonesia in their next World Tour.

However, that is a possible event, not at all guaranteed.




So yesterday, as always, every year, I undertook the long trek to the Jakarta Fair – to see the ‘Tribut Rolling Stones!’ 

As it says in the Good Book, ‘blessed are they that expecteth nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.’

Actually, it doesn’t say that, but there is more than a grain of truth there, especially in Jakarta!

Not knowing how good or bad the tribute might be, I settled down at the Panggung Gambir, in the oldest part of the PRJ complex, and at 8pm the show began.  


SAM_9135 SPGs!.


I should mention I was footsore by that time, having wandered round and round, admiring the Sales Promotion Girls, of whom the above are splendid examples.

But to the music.

It wasn’t bad at all. And all the other fans in the audience agreed. Apparently there are many here who appreciate the Stones – these afficionados call themselves ‘Stoners.’ 

There were four bands, of varying qualities, so I will only name the best.

Indiana Whiskey, whose singer, pictured on-stage further up the page, has perfected his imitation of Sir Mick Jagger’s stance, gestures and gyrations.

His colleagues complement his performance ably.

And that band did more of my fave Stones’ hits than any of the others. ‘Brown Sugar,’ ‘Satisfaction…’



….and the song I love best, ‘Ruby Tuesday. ‘

I doubt any of them read my writings, but I will make one modest suggestion for improvement. 

Get the words right!

Instead of finishing RT with its third verse, said singer simply repeated the second.

But that’s okay.