Bravo, Denmark – And Red Faces at Red Euronews!

The Danish people have voted and many of them have voted for the patriot Danish People’s Party.




All but the most tone-deaf media have acknowledged that the critical issue was immigration.  Asylum and integration take election spotlight You can check out that link from earlier this month, and look at this, much more recent one.

…the two main established parties — the centre-left Social Democrats and centre-right Liberals — are fighting it out on who can sound the toughest. 

“If you come to Denmark, you have to work,” says a poster from the Social Democrats..

And it sounds very much as if Danish migration controls have been as gullible mugs –Denmark grants asylum to 90% of all applications – as the Australian Review system has been over the years! 

‘A Soft Touch!’ Truth Will Out on Asylum Parasites! Oz Officials ‘Know You’re Lying’ but ‘You’ll Be Fine!’ 


‘Asylum’ bludgers don’t travel thousands of miles to work, for pity’s sakes!

Look at those louts in Ventimiglia, who have passed the whole long length of Italy, desperate to get into France, and why?

Because they want to get their greedy snouts into the richest benefit trough – Great Britain’s.



Not unlike Denmark’s – Yummy benefits for alien wasters!

So that makes the Socialist ad something of an oxymoron. 

But their leader is no moron.



Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s smart!

She suddenly began speaking up for her own country instead of crimmigrants, and was widely expected to reap rewards on polling day.

Talking tough on immigration, which many Danes cite as a top concern, Ms. Thorning-Schmidt has tightened restrictions on refugees entering and staying in Denmark. Danish Premier’s Shift on Immigration Tightens Election Race


True, the Liberals offered “an immediate stop [to the] huge influx” of asylum seekers, but if they are described as ‘centre-right,’ the way media describe Cameron’s phoney conservative outfit, would anyone take them on trust?

Or would the DPP, the only party which has talked sense throughout, be seen as the best bet?

Well, Danes are smart too. In huge numbers, they rallied to the party which means what it says.

Danish far-right second largest party in general election

Party leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl (DF) sings a song upon his arrival at the Danish People's Party election party

DPP’s Kristian Thulesen Dahl sings a song of victory – a lot of Danes joined in!

The DPP and the Liberals between them clearly outnumber Helle’s Socialists, so Danes can now look forward to a much saner approach – although there are wets in the Liberal Party, there are some fine people there too, like this lady –


inger  Inger Støjberg

Inger Støjberg criticises Danish Muslims who actively try to shield themselves from Danish values and norms and who think that their religious beliefs should not be allowed to be mocked.

Denmark, she says is the land of the Danes and you are more than welcome to become a Dane and take part in the work and community,” 

“But to those Muslims who constantly work against us, constantly question us, are unsatisfied, encourage going to holy war in Syria, commit honour killings, belittle our values, flag or way of living –


Scandinavian-Flags1 Scandinavian flags, symbolic of their heritage


 – to all of you: Go and find somewhere else to live. No one is forcing you to stay. We accepted you and now it’s up to you to show the necessary respect for our society and the values it is built upon….

With this gal on board, the Danish longship should make progress against disloyal ratbags, who may finally be sent packing. Like their counterparts in the United Kingdom, scum like Qureshi and Choudary, they wifully withhold the allegiance due to Denmark’s Queen and Country.

Root the swine out!

And clearly many fewer such undesirables will be admitted.




However, listening to Euronews last night, you’d not be aware of how Ms. Helle was trying to claw back support by making patriotic noises. Nor ANY mention of the DPP’s message, which clearly struck a cord across the nation.  

Euronews’s shallow analysis missed out the BIG issue altogether – today they have no choice but describe the DPP result as ‘impressive,’ and explain why





I hope there are a lot of red faces there today. But probably not. Their omission was surely no accident but rather strategy. Ignore patriotism and it will go away.



Never trust Pravda.

That’s how I refer to Euronews, because it resembles the Soviet-era newspaper. Despite the original Russian word meaning TRUTH, Pravda then was a servile but sedulous servant of a lying ideology.

Just like Euronews today!