A Chance for YOU to Vote on Calais’ Crimmigrant Savages!

Seems like almost every day we get fresh news to support my previous suggestion that the Calais cops use the firearms they carry to quell the crimmigrant savages who have turned their town into a war-zone. 

Vive Les Calais Cops – ‘Brutality?’ No, Just Common-Sense Crimmigrant Control! 

Now we have this, from a British truck-driver. 

“Drivers are being stabbed. I had a friend who suffered a cracked rib and broken eye socket as a result of being attacked.” 

Some truckers are taking long detours to cross the Channel to avoid the northern French port town altogether, he said….many drivers, who are saddled with mortgages and families to look after, feel they have no choice but to carry on despite the risks.


Calais Crimmigrant Savages

civilised man v savage


“It’s quite intimidating, particularly when you’re faced with 10 to 15 of them. On Monday, they created their own roadblock, so truckers had to stop, then suddenly they found themselves surrounded by 150 migrants.”


It goes without saying these swine should be dealt with by whatever means works, including live ammo.

If need be, authorise the drivers to carry guns for their own protection.

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  • But that’s not the reason I’m posting today.

The same Express link above takes you to an opportunity, a POLL, admittedly a poor substitute for the referendum on ‘asylum’ parasites which Cameron and other Western leaders are denying their citizens, but better than nowt!