ABC’s Q &A – Queer n Arrogant

I occasionally watch Q & A, the panel show on the Australian part of my cable network, just to see who the ABC pinko tax-parasites put on their panel.

  • ABC_bias_Logo
  • I missed the most recent one, and can’t say I’m sorry, after learning how they abandoned all pretence of balance and stacked the deck – a panel packed with queers to discuss the miserable ‘gay’ demand to redefine marriage.
  • fredNile Fred Nile
  • They actually invited Fred Nile, a Christian activist and State legislator, to make the case for no change.

But  the pro-perv lobby that runs ABC must really fear Fred, because, of the other FIVE panel members, NOT ONE was sexually normal. Nor was the ‘impartial’ chair-thing.

Here’s the line up.


But even that grotesque level of bias was not acceptable to hordes of rabid aberrants.

Check out the storm of hate-tweets (if you can handle the foul language) which broke on the night of the broadcast.