For American Readers Only – Petition SCOTUS!

Given the hate-driven persecution meted out by the gaystapo towards those who refuse to go with the decadent flow and bow to its evil agenda, it’s the very least we can do to show solidarity with decent Americans as they face a milestone in the long-running battle against cultural marxism.


The WT has produced a petition, which speaks for itself.

Tell the Supreme Court to Leave Traditional Marriage Alone

Fellow Americans,

The U.S. Supreme Court is just days away from deciding whether homosexual couples are entitled to marriage. The Justices’ ruling will become the law of the land and could redefine two centuries of marriage law in America.

If you believe as we do that marriage should remain the sanctified union of a man and women, stand up and tell the nine Supreme Court Justices how you feel.

If you believe, as Thomas Jefferson did, that judges should stick to the Constitution and not create new law, stand up and tell the Justices how you feel.

If you believe legalizing same sex marriage invalidates the institution of marriage that you agreed to when you said your vows, stand up and tell the Justices now before they rule.

The Washington Times has created an easy petition to sign to express your opinion. It has agreed to deliver the petition with all of your names to the Supreme Court next week. So if you want your voice to be heard by the Supreme Court, click here now to sign your name to the petition.