Waterloo Sunset – Blotted Out By Strasbourg’s Sticky-Beaks?

How many times have you taken a great holiday photo, of the Brandenburg Gate, the Acropolis, or maybe even London’s Waterloo Sunset?

The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset (Official Audio) – YouTube

You can sing along if you like the song – I do!

Waterloo Sunset – I’ll bet Terry and Julie voted UKIP!


 I give those examples because I’ve captured those splendours on my various little cameras over the year.

They don’t, often, turn out quite as grand as the ones you’ll see in glossy travel magazines, or tourist offices, but they’re yours, and you’re proud of them.

Not any more, if the sticky-beak ratbags of Strasbourg get their way.


Thanks to UKIP, we all now know how the EurocRat MEPs are scheming to  restrict the traditional ‘Freedom of Panorama.’

Artists, photographers and film-makers would have to seek permissions and even have to pay to be able to film, paint and photograph some of Europe’s most iconic landmarks. 

And bloggers too?


S3u70E9A.jpg Gerald Batten MEP


One of the patriot party’s veteran MEPs, Gerard Batten, has slammed the plan.

“This is another case of breath-taking idiocy, and will result in unintended consequences, caused by incompetent, ill thought out and unnecessary legislation.

“It will destroy an explicit British freedom guaranteed in our copyright legislation for over 100 years.The world functions perfectly well without this restrictive suggestion.”


 EUSSR red


Another UKIP spokesman added, “This absurd, mercenary proposal takes the EU’s regulatory impulse to new heights. It is an appalling impingement on basic artistic and cultural liberties.”


Breitbart.com tops up cause for indignation by revealing that the EurocRats’ proposed rule mimics bizarre French and Belgian rules on taking photographs of the European Parliamentary buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg.   3767http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/06/22/revealed-the-european-union-plan-to-stop-you-taking-pictures-of-the-london-eye/



Not something I’d really want to do, except maybe for historical interest, the way a Russian might snap the Lubianka.

 The European Parliament is set to vote on the matter on July 9th, with the European Commission responsible for the final legislation.