Palmyra! Besok Borobudur? Islamist Barbarians Amok Again

Besok is the Indonesian word for ‘tomorrow,’ but it has a fairly flexible meaning – soon, in the foreseeable future. 




Heart-breaking news from Syria, where the rapist-murder gang ISIS has begun its usual wanton vandalism at the world heritage site, Palmyra.

Is there nothing sacred to these satanic swine?

Silly question!

I have warned before that the sectarian barbarism we have already seen in Afghanistan, where those giant Buddhas were destroyed, and in the Museum of Mosul, could easily descend on Indonesia’s splendid monuments, Borobudur and Prambanan.


borobudur-main-entrance Borbudur


Remember Purwokerto just a year or two ago, no respect for the Ramayana legend, Bima?

And the hate-shrilling just weeks ago from bigots when Javanese rhythms were introduced ( briefly !) into the Jakarta Istiqlal Mosque?


patung-bima-purwakarta    Bima


In Java, we’ve seen ignoramuses doing all they can to destroy their own people’s rich history. It’s a genuine Indonesian Kulturkampf – an insidious Arabisation! 




The Guardian of Java, Semar, that squat but beloved figure of folklore, nowadays needs help, against those primitives in white-shirt vigilante garb.



There is true evil abroad in the world, a near sub-human level of depravity, and it needs to be eradicated.