Brussels ‘Frontier Agency’ Pins Target On Hungary’s Heart

We keep hearing about the EUSSR’s Frontex border agency. It’s meant to be responsible for guarding the frontiers of those European countries unfortunate enough to be subject to Brussels rule.

It promotes, coordinates and develops European border management…



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  • So far, it’s done a fairly miserable job, supervising the importation of thousands of undesirable aliens into Italy.

But now it appears to be turning its attention to Hungary, that naughty nation which is actually taking steps to defend itself against the parasite hordes.

Instead of praising Budapest for the constructive plan to erect a deterrent fence along the Serbian border, Frontex is openly encouraging crimmigrants to target the Hungarians.

Here’s an excerpt from the Frontex statement. 

“The land route towards Hungary constitutes the main transit route for migrants who entered the EU from Greece and Bulgaria…”  It also represents “a safer option” than the Mediterranean Sea…

Wow, ain’t that smart?


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  • If you wake up at night and you hear robbers trying to break into your home, you don’t arm yourself with whatever weapons are to hand – you shout downstairs to warn them not to use the basement window, in case they hurt themselves as they clamber in – ‘just go round to the back door, it’s a lot safer!’
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What would  Brits have said in 1940 if their Ministry of Defence had issued a statement telling Hitler’s Germany where the safest invasion route might be, to ensure Der Fuhrer’s armies might suffer the fewest casualties?