British Bobbies? Not in West Midlands – Fire The Filth!

Report about Asian grooming gangs was supressed to avoid inflaming racial tension

West Midlands Police admit not making a grooming report public in 2010 for fear it would inflame racial tensions ahead of the looming General Election



Britannia sad


I have to criticise that headline. There are of course evil people of every ethnic origin, but to smear all ‘Asians’ thus is unacceptable.

You’ll find precious few Sri Lankans or Chinese or Singaporeans in the courts when these vile grooming gangs are brought to whatever passes for justice in the UK these days.

The majority, the great majority, of the scum involved are of Pakistani origin, and we know why.

They adhere to a code that affords men but not women the right to four spouses. Women are denied equal inheritance rights. That code’s adherents regard women as little better than domestic animals.

They keep their own women shrouded and subservient, but for the feral youth in their communities, anyone else’s women are fair game.

But to read that these cop swine conducted a cover-up on behalf of the political establishment, so as not to make waves on multicult…


  • badcops

Too much.

Fire the entire senior ranks. They all kept silent rather than alert British people to the truth of the enemy within.