Lyons – ‘We Knew He Was Salafist – We gave Him Citizenship!’

I’ve just been listening to the French Minister of the Interior, speaking about the hideous terrorist crime near Lyons.

With no trace of apology, he admitted the man captured was known to have ‘had links to Salafist organisations.’ But he goes on to say the creature was still given French citizenship!


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  • Just in case I have been basing my opinion of Salafists on biased sources, I checked the non-Islamophobic wikipedia, and here’s their intro.

 Salafi jihadism or Jihadist-Salafism is a transnational religious-political ideology based on a belief in violent jihad…

French Intelligence, I hear on Euronews as I type, had their eye on this character in 2006! 

For God’s Sake!

And doesn’t Minister Cazeneuve read the papers? 23 Salafists sentenced to 14 years for killing four Shiites  Press Trust of India June 13th.

Salafists are savages!

Nobody who has links with any outfit that puts sectarian allegiance above that due to one’s own country should be allowed to reside, never mind gain nationality, in any civilised land.

So this fellow had an unblemished criminal record? Will he still have one after the Lyon case is concluded?

No matter!

  • Marine Le Pen is abolutely right to speak today of the Fifth Column. They are there in the banlieues in their thousands. Drag them out and deport them!