Tunis Terror, One Pig Dead – Will Brussels Plead For His Comrade?

Over two dozen innocent tourists on a Tunisian beach murdered in cold blood by jihadist scum, rounding off a nightmare day. One of the pigs who launched the attack was shot dead by police, but at least one other has been taken into custody.


We know that any satanics captured and convicted for the French atrocity this morning will never get what they deserve, not from the courts, at least. There’s no more guillotine nowadays.

But non-European nations often still grasp the idea of justice, so there IS a possibility any savages caught by Tunisian police may face the death penalty, if they’re found guilty of participation in the mass-murder spree.

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  • Capital punishment has regrettably not been used for some considerable time, but if the country wants to show tourists it cares for their safety, maybe common sense will return and they’ll start stringing up swine again.

So what will the European Commission have to say about that, if it comes to pass?


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  • Juncker and his knee-jerk fellow-commissars in Brussels have made it embarrassingly clear there’s no filthy blood-stained brute in the world they won’t bleat for. They’ll assail the ears of Tunisia’s authorities, no stone unturned to save the life of vermin who commit heinous crimes against innocents.
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  • And the same Euro-Creeps are busily importing thousands more primitives, heedless of the plain truth that many among the bludger hordes are after more than benefits.

Hell, even when they were aboard their crimmigrant cargo vessels, they had begun their sectarian pogroms.  Refugees Drowned for Being Christian – The Daily Beast