Astaga! Makanan Kucing Kampung, Rp. 19,900?


  • Spent a while down Puri Indah the other day, lovely weather, took my Kindle. It’s nice to sit in the smoking area of JCO with an Americano black coffee, reading a book for a while.
  • Then I thought to brave the icy climate of the (relatively) new Hypermart.
  • The management of Lippo Mall Puri MUST be pressured on the temperature there, which is reminiscent of a mild December day in Ontario.


  • I’m sure they may lose customers in consequence of the chilly interior. I only went back this week because it seemed to me they might have recognised the unacceptability of wintry conditions by now.
  • But no!
  • ——–
  • LIPPOMAL Lippo Mall, Puri
  • ———————-
  • However, once in, I zoomed towards the pet-food area (moving energetically to keep warm!) which, as in so many other supermarkets here, is located down past the kitchenware and hardware section.
  • What have dogs and cats to do with scissors, etc.?
  • Pets belong with people.


ibi idul fitri

Nevertheless, when I saw the price of Supercat, one can costing Rp.19,900, I walked out at once. I know prices tend to soar during Ramadan, but come on…that’s just outrageous, since only a few days ago I bought the same item for Rp.12,700 at Hero, in Mal Citraland.

My feline is indeed of West Java origin, but she ain’t fasting! And she’s not one of those stuck-up angoras – she’s a kucing kampung, adopted from a long line of street cats.

 A quick – well, slow, actually, it being gloriously hot outdoors – stroll to the older mall nearby, took me to the Hero there, and sure enough, cans galore, and my non-fussy, non-fasting cat was as happy as I was when I brought some of them home in triumph. 

What is it with that Hypermart? Everywhere else, you can find discounts of 50 per cent, frequently, but in the Big H, the best I could find was 20 per cent.

Not good enough!

Unless I find a discounted sweater to buy, I shall not be shopping there again.



On reflection, I may buy some more at Hero today.

Or I suppose I could always send the cat!