Bali Hoodlums Attack Aussies – Cops Do What?!!!



A shocking story from Bali, just hitting the news but kept hush-hush for some time, it seems, where a gang of thugs viciously attacked Australian tourists, who had organized a private event at an upmarket Seminyak restaurant and hired a stripper for the party

After the stripper began her performance, security guards stormed in and allegedly used Taser weapons against the Australians, as well as beating them with guns and bottles. :  

Then the hoodlums called the cops! Who, allegedly in collaboration with the crims, dragged the Melbourne men off and locked them up.


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  • My initial comment would be that the thugs are unlikely to be Balinese, who appreciate tourism’s importance and are therefore mostly nice. A lot of low-class jobs there are filled by people from other islands, often Java. The cops, however, will be locals, so what the hell would they gain from such gross misconduct?


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  • The JP report says the Melbourne men were forced to attend ATMs and withdraw millions, under threat of charges of indecency – a ten year sentence, they were told!

I’d say it’s the ‘security’ scum who ought to be facing charges.  Beatings and taserings are not petty offences; permits to carry guns are not normally issued to mere security goons.





The police on the Isle of the Gods have pledged an investigation, but regardless of their officers’ role it is vital that the ‘security guards’ involved be arrested and held.  It is important that swine like that are not on the loose to molest other innocent tourists.

Oh, and BTW, what’s the diplomatic corps got to hide? …the Australian Consulate General in Bali and the embassy in Jakarta both refused to comment on the incident.