Generous Jakarta Mosques – Free ‘Wee Small Hours’ Alarm Calls!

bear-awake joke

for some of us, mornings are not meant to be noisy…


“Some ulemas say it’s okay to use loudspeakers to amplify sermons, thinking it as a syiar [spreading religious values]. However, we think that waking up neighbors for sahur at 2 a.m., for example, can instead annoy people, including those who conduct solemn prayers at home,” Al-Ihsan Mosque caretaker Badruddin Noor, 48, said.

Hurray for Badruddin.

Though it’s hardly rocket science to realise that being woken in the wee small hours is extremely annoying.

 If I’m getting home pre-dawn, after a good night out, I don’t come along the street singing ‘The Wild Side of Life’ (usually!) or raucously rattle my garden gate (unless I’ve dropped my keys in my unsteady attempts to open it!)

I’m a considerate chap!



Considerate of those who do not share my life-style, and there’s no excuse for anyone not to be, especially since just about everyone in Jakarta is smart enough to set their mobile phone alarm (and EVERYONE has mobile phones here!) 

But Mr. B is clearly a decent fellow, devoid of the nastiness that ear-marks some scholastic sectarians in this town.  Many Islamic Scholars Are ‘Former Prisoners and Thugs!’ Gosh! If WE said that… 

Badruddin also cited religious tolerance as a reason behind their policy. 
“Half of the population in this neighborhood is non-Muslim so we have to respect them too.”

The report tells us that Vice-President Jusuf Kalla is a driving force behind this progressive attitude. He’s very much a committed Muslim but recently criticized the overuse of mosque loudspeakers during Ramadhan, saying that Muslims should also respect those who need to rest at night.

jusuf-kalla4 JK


Good for JK.

But we also read that a lot of ignoramuses among the so-called ‘scholar’ (ulema) community have been ignoring the call to behave like civilised citizens. Though here in the Indonesian capital, they’re not quite as awful as in unspeakable Aceh –

Aceh – Muslim Seeks Quieter Mosques, Bullied Into Silence, after ‘Death Threats!’ 

The thing is, there are noise-control laws. But many officials are too craven to enforce them against backward anti-socials who call themselves ‘scholars.’

All that’s required is a crack-down.

Issue a Noise Abatement Notice to transgressors and check for compliance, then close those places that still engage in nocturnal cacaphony.

There are SO many mosques in Jakarta that no would-be worshipper will be unable to find a place to pray.-