Ulster, Be Warned – Once ‘Gays’ Can ‘Marry,’ Peds Say ‘Me Too!’

Alone among the four nations that comprise the United Kingdom, Ulster still stands resolute against the relentless effort by her enemies to war down values that have stood the test of time. But now there is timely encouragement for Ulsterfolk to dig  in against decadence.

Look to the far shores of the Atlantic, where the moral implosion of America is seen by dark forces as a work in progress but not yet complete.

No sooner did the obscene absurdity of sodomite ‘weddings’ get the green light from five degenerates on the Supreme Court, than the pedophiles popped up as next in line for legalisation of their disgusting crimes.




Just read this –

Pedophiles Want Same Rights as Homosexuals

 – published in the USA, a warning shot in the next battle to defend civilised society.


  • So, to Ulster, as one of the few places in the Western world still clinging on to decency, we have to say, don’t forget your people’s traditional war-cry.
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Not An Inch!

If you start to give ground to the gaystapo agenda, then the filthiest freaks imaginable will be slobbering to get at children.


  • Predators and Child Molestors
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And if good citizens in Belfast or Londonderry or anywhere else in God’s Country need further persuasion, think about which party is most prominent at the forefront of the enemy ranks.

And it’s not ONLY because of their leadership’s personal record.

SF’s empathy with perversion comes as no surprise, given Gerry Adams’ infamous cover-up of a sleazy child-molestor (his brother!)




Not at all.