Smoke and Mirrors – A Needless Riot in Australia?

It isn’t my habit to express any sympathy with criminal rioters…

…but empathy?.

Woke up early this past morning, rarely an experience one relishes, but of course went back to sleep, then a fairly unproductive day.  Today, however, a modicum of beer is in order, for reasons which will be obvious to those who know me.

Thus tomorrow, morning will break and The Kraken will wake, not a scene anyone sensible would wish to witness.

Coffee, black, is the only remedy, but not only coffee. 


  • they’re called cigars but actually, they’re cigarettes
  • —————————————————————————————-
  • My priority shopping before night falls tonight will be for several packs of Bohem, my current cigarette of choice, because there is NOTHING worse than to surface, stumble to the dispenser to start the re-caffeination process, sit back down, then realise that one is out of fags!
  • ———–
  • god of hellfire


  • Best to avoid said sufferer!

Hence my intro, above.

And my main concern, from Victoria, Australia –

The Metropolitan Remand Centre went into lockdown on Tuesday as prisoners armed with sticks smashed windows, bashed doors and lit fires at the Ravenhall maximum security facility.


Staff were evacuated after hundreds of prisoners breached a secure inner perimeter about 12.20pm, almost 12 hours before a state-wide prison smoking ban comes into force.

The report goes on to say it isn’t clear if the ban provoked the outbreak, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. A pity somebody named Jan Shurad didn’t use her noggin. 

Corrections Commissioner Jan Shuard said “We are not expecting (riots). This is the advantage to a long lead-in to the smoking ban!”

For pity’s sakes.

A ‘long lead-in’ simply meant the inmates had time to stew, to mull over this mean mentality. An ex-con summed it up – “I spoke to a prisoner in custody last night and he said that basically all hell’s going to break loose, prisoners will riot, they’ll even starve, etc, until the prison officers give them back their tobacco.” 

“Ten years (ago) they tried this and it lasted about 30 minutes until the prisoners started rioting and they ended up giving them their tobacco back.”


  • prisoners
  • And so they should.

Prisons are there to punish, and I can imagine various ways in which denying privileges to certain prisoners might be of use. There’s no reason not to single out terrorists, for example, for extra-draconian measures.’

But for the generality, this is not reasonable. It is simply a case of pinko prigs in high places persecuting people who don’t toe the PC line. It mirrors the nasty discrimination practised across the state against citizens who enjoy a smoke.

And BTW, this isn’t an inquisition mentality unique to Melbourne.

I gather that in Sydney, some kill-joy klutz has decreed that even outdoor areas, at cafes and bars, are to be further restricted, a four-meter gap between where you puff and the inner wall.  

Be sure to carry a ruler when you go for a night out at Bondi!