Mealy-Mouth Marty – Out of Office But Still Dissing Oz!

When he served the Government of President SBY as Indonesia’s foreign minister,  Marty Natalegawa earned the nick-name Mealy-Mouth on this blog, because of his pitifully inadequate response to a question on the martyrdom, by Islamist sectarian scum, of three innocent Ahmadis, at Cikeusik, in 2011.


Cikeusik Ahmadiyah-Dianiaya-di-Cikeusik

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But though he couldn’t quite summon up the guts to condemn that shameful court that slapped the blood-stained wrists of jihadist swine (and punished one Ahmadi survivor!) Marty was never slow to verbally flay Australia for sending back crimmigrant cargos that menaced Oz.

The notion that Indonesia might just accept responsibility for these wannabe welfare-bludgers sailing forth from Indonesian shores…heck, it never seemed to occur to him back then.

Nor now..
This very week he began yapping once more, whilst himself a guest of the country he was carping at. He participated in the Crawford Australian leadership forum at the Australian National University and appeared on Sky TV.

..Natalegawa made it clear Australia’s policy on turnbacks is a continuing irritant….


“The turning back the boat policy, the way it has been executed, has tended to give the impression of shifting the blame, or shifting responsibility, unilaterally on to Indonesia,” Natalegawa said. .

Aaah, so Australia should not blame the country that lets parasites board boats and aim towards her sunny shores? Australians should blame themselves for being a target for sea-borne undesirables?


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  • It was no use “blaming one another,” Natalegawa saidIndonesia as a transit country had every interest in ensuring there was no pull factor from Australia.

Err, no, Marty. Indonesia as a transit country should stop being a transit country. Indonesia has a navy, and an airforce, and plenty of security forces to guard beaches. Yet it does not turn boats back, save once in a blue moon.


Indonesia puts alien crimmigrants in hotel accommodation, knowing full well that those crimmigrants are merely resting up, waiting till they can make deals with boat-owners to speed them on their way towards the Oz honey-pot into which they’re desperate to dig their snouts.

The author of the JG feature, a woman named Grattan, concludes, reasonably enough, that the reported words give further substance to the view that Indonesia has been seriously annoyed by Australia’s apparent recent paying of a boat’s crew to take the passengers back.


That is the key word throughout this discussion. If those bludgers had sailed from Malaysia, or Brunei, or even PNG, then it would have been wrong for Oz to pay the crew to sail them back to Indonesia.




But they had left Indonesia and were going BACK to whence they’d set out.

Ms. Grattan understands this, quoting Julie Bishop, who made the same point I’m making today – “the best way for Indonesia to resolve any concerns it has about Operation Sovereign Borders is for Indonesia to enforce sovereignty over its borders.


Operation Sovereign Borders is necessary because Indonesian boats with Indonesian crews are leaving Indonesia with the express intention of breaching our sovereignty, facilitated by illegal people-smuggling syndicates.”


Indonesia should slam its gates on the snouts we mentioned above, close illicit access to her territory.




And Marty should close his mouth on a problem exacerbated by his arrogant efforts to share out blame between culprit and victim