‘ Race to the Bottom?’ Not A ‘Gay’ Marathon, Just Cheap Media Bias!

We covered the Danish election result, and noted that even the Socialist leader had tried to chime in with popular dismay at the hordes of parasitical crimmigrants pouring into the small Scandinavian country.

Bravo, Denmark – And Red Faces at Red Euronews! 

She clearly didn’t convince the voters and lost power, with the patriot party, the DPP, winning a much larger share than anyone expected. 



I used that post to criticise Euronews, which had a special report on the campaign but completely blocked out any mention of the big issue, the alien bludger tsunami swamping Denmark.

But EUObserver picked up on the story, and gave it considerable coverage.

And look at their headline –

A Race to the Bottom  


By which, needless to say, they meant that, by standing up for, or making like they were standing up for, a Danish Denmark, rather than exalting multicult migration, somehow the rival parties were sinking to levels of civic responsibility and national pride unbecoming to a subservient EUSSR satrapy.

Now if you read the linked story, you may find that headline was a quote from some yapping alien or even a local lefty.

And okay, EUObserver is free to quote whomsoever it washes.


  • But NOT without quotation marks!
  • Otherwise, they are nailing their own pinko colours to the mast, in the guise of news.  
  • ===========
  • But what have we  – or rather the Danes, ended up with?
  • A new Danish Liberal minority government, led by Lars Loekke Rasmussen, was presented on Sunday. The governing programme includes a referendum before Christmas on scrapping opt-outs from EU justice affairs policies..https://euobserver.com/tickers/129349
  • Denmark’s new foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, was in Berlin on Tuesday to tell his German colleagues that border controls are coming.
    Sounds good, but listen a little longer.
    “It is important to say that even though we want sharper controls as an assurance against crime and human smuggling, it is also important that it occurs within the framework of our shared playing rules, in other words within Schengen,” Jensen said….
    “There won’t be a border barrier and it’s not… on the border. There will be checks in the border areas.” Foreign Ministry spokesman Lars Peter Levy
    The report explains that the border move is due to the DPP who got more votes than the Liberals but has remained out of the government due to the two parties’ failure to come together on key issues.
    A previous bid to strengthen the Danish border against undesirables occurred in 2011 and sparked supranational opposition from the overlords of the EUSSR.
    EUSSR red
    That fight fell by the way due to a change of government in Copenhagen, no doubt to the glee of Brussels.
    Now that they are back at the helm, Jensen said that Venstre will approach the issue differently this time around.
    It’s hard to see how they will get round Schengen, the insane pact that forces member states to accept garbage flowing in from every other member.  But Jensen says that Germany is to be reassured that what the Danish government is coming with will be within the options given by Schengen.”  http://www.thelocal.dk/20150630/denmark-prepares-germany-for-border-controls
    But let’s hope for the best.
    Arrogant aliens in Ventimiglia, flying their EUSSR flag
    We must applaud France, resolute against those parasites in Ventimiglia, who arrogantly seek to force their way in from Italy. The French stand against barbarian incursion has also been endorsed by a top court in Paris   border controls on migrants at the Italian frontier were legal 
    dignif  Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court
    But suppose those savages get some legal lice to take their case to Strasbourg – as Australians know too well, there are plenty of pin-striped lawyer leeches happy to stab their own country in the back.