Sunday Brunch in Jakarta – A Potato Head Puzzle!

This ad was sent to me recently, and, as an exercise in advertising, it baffles me.Not the potato puree – though my own preference runs to old-fashioned fried potatoes, or even the wonderful local perkadel, potato cakes. I’m sure puree is okay. Sunday breakfasts – and, by extension, brunches – should indeed include potatoes.

All the best breakfasts do.

Bacon and/or pork sausages and eggs are fine – all fried, of course.

  • breakfast-breakfast-eggs-sausage-smiley-emoticon-000617-large
  • But toast, spuds of some kind, and of course baked beans, if available, tend to elevate a mid-morning guzzle-fest to a zenith of perfection.

That is naturally a personal opinion, though shared by sound gourmets everywhere, I’d guess.

No, what has me puzzled is – where’s the price?

And they should be clearer about those DIY Bloody Mary drinks – if they made it plain that vodka (with or without tomato juice) was free flow, then I might well be dropping by.

But no way would I venture all the way into town on spec. Suppose they aim to charge half-a-mill? Holy moly! 

Until they tell us how much it costs, well, it’s back to the warteg for me!