Mary Jo Kopechne for the Ten-Dollar-Bill?

Money-changers were chased out of the temple by an irate Jesus and He is generally admired for that exemplary use of corporal punishment.

So I have been observing with interest reactions in the USA to the latest Obamanation idea, changing America’s money!


  • The U.S. Treasury plans to put a woman in place of Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. Who would you like to see on the bill?

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  Susan B. Anthony
  Nancy Reagan
  Hillary Clinton
  Sandra Day O’Connor
  Sally Ride
  Shirley Chisholm
  Jeannette Rankin
  Rosa Parks
  Amelia Earhart

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Exactly what did Mr. Hamilton do, to merit being cast into numismatic oblivion?

I leave that to my readers in that country to tell me, for while I have read and enjoyed much American history, I’m no expert in that man’s role.

I do find it odd that people not yet dead are being proposed as candidates in the poll above. Surely hubris, for their fans to promote them thus?

So how about honouring a lady who died young, whose name is still recognised throughout the world as a victim of one of America’s most infamous men, for whom justice was never seriously sought?