IslamoNazi Slams Jew-Collaborating Fascists Who Say 'Good Morning!'

Pass the valium, please.

That’s about the only response feasible to yesterday’s amazing rant by the ‘Chairman’of the self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam,’ Sobri Lubis.

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  • The white-shirt thug gang has made a name for itself by repeated acts of sectarian violence and vandalism, and there have been numerous calls from decent Indonesians for a ban, notably from Jakarta’s excellent Governor Ahok.
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    Islamonazis Hide Behind Masks.

But today’s outlandish outburst makes us think the FPI have finally flipped their fanatic lids.

Lubis’ rant results from the decision by the Nadhlatul Ulema, the NU, the largest Muslim movement in Indonesia to use the term Islam Nusantara, ‘the Islam of our Archipelago,’ at its conference in Jakarta’s top mosque this weekend.

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  • Islam Nusantara is nothing more than a liberal agenda which collaborates with the Jews,” he railed, and went on to elaborate his disdain for such revisionism. Ostensibly nationalist, the words carry very ugly implications, according to Lubis, who calls it racist and fascist.

Fascists collaborating with the Jews?

Okay, let’s hear this vicious bigot out. I use that description because that’s what Lubis is. If you read our blog a lot, you’ll have seen the linked video, in which he howls ‘Kill, kill, kill,” inciting a rabid mob of jihadist savages to murder members of the peaceful Ahmadi religious minority.

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‘Bunuh, bunuh, bunuh,’ – ‘kill, kill, kill!’

  •  Lubis is so alienated from his own country’s culture that he is infuriated by how Islam Nusantara appears to be ‘anti-Arab.‘ It defames Islam as if Indonesian culture is under occupation and needs to be re-Indonesianized.”

Sounds like the NU are on the right track! But Lubis is beside himself – “it’s an extraordinarily wicked way of thinking.”.

The deranged IslamoNazi offers us an example of why.

One of the teachings of Islam Nusantara is the replacement of the Salaam Aleikum with Selamat Pagi. .

So if you set off for work after breakfast and greet your neighbours with a cheery Good Morning, you’re a revisionist renegade?

Looks like it!