Don’t Let Paper Tigers Obstruct The Curbing Of Crimmigrants!

  • The final hours of a very laid-back weekend, my only outings being those to the warteg, as I’m too indolent to prepare meals at home when a ten minute walk takes me to excellent cheap food served by friendly young ladies.
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  • They also provide me with a bungkus (take-away) bag for my midnight snack, which I’ll throw together soon.


So I have time to review a little item I spotted in EUObserver late last month, short but breath-taking in its encapsulation of arrogance, not to mention ingratitude!

I refer to the outburst from a minion of the ‘Government’ of Libya, which ‘governs’ something considerably less than Libya, and is transparently incapable of controlling its own coastline.

If Libya had a ‘government’ in any meaningful sense, then hundreds of thousands of crimmigrants would not be flowing freely across the Mediterranean and digging their snouts as deeply as possible into the benefits-trough provided by European tax-payers.




Incidentally, those many women who have, over the years, advised me on matters of house-keeping, have always been at pains to warn against leaving food lying around, because it attracts rodents.




Logic dictates that if you similarly provide benefits, freebies galore, food, lodgings, medicare etc, then human parasites will also be drawn to the scene.



I thought about that last week, watching dumbo do-gooders feeding those uppity trouble-makers in Ventimiglia, and again last night, more fools feeding the rabble in Calais.

But that’s BTW.




Saqr Al-Jaroushi, the air-force chief of Libya’s Tobruk-based, EU-recognised government, has told Reuters: “Any vessel found in Libyan waters without previous co-operation or permission will be targeted by the air force.”

Now then!

If that’s Libyan policy, there are two conclusions one may draw.

Either all those crimmigrant cargo vessels setting out from Libya for incursions into Italian, or Maltese, or any other waters, HAD previous co-operation or permission from the Libyan ‘Government,’ and were therefore unmolested by Saqr’s Air Force.

Or else they didn’t, and the Libyan Air Force is so incompetent it was unable to fulfil any command issued by Saqr to target the lawless ships.

Being a charitable fellow, I tend to think the latter answer is more likely. 


Or there’s the third, and, unfortunately, the most probable, interpretation –

– that Saqr was engaged in a vainglorious threat to the countries who charitably ‘recognise’ his ‘Tobruk-based government,’ that THEY will be targeted, if they go into action to block the invasion of their own countries by savages sailing from shores which are marked as Libyan on the map, but over which Saqr’s colleagues exert little or no control.

An empty vessel making lots of noise!

It’s long past time for the civilised nations to drop this nonsense about asking permission to defend themselves from either the apology for a regime holed up in Tobruk…





…or from the organised hypocrisy called the UN, whose oleaginous Secretary General is about as much use as a wet week in Blackpool!